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What is the time frame for a Destination Weekend Wedding?

A Saturday Destination Wedding includes an outdoor rehearsal at your chosen wedding site on Friday evening and the use of the Orchard Room starting at 9AM on Saturday for set-up and decorating, prior to your outdoor ceremony and 6-hour reception.  Saturday weddings get first choice of renting our lodging so you may also host your Rehearsal Dinner at the lodging on Friday evening..

Can I have my ceremony outdoors at Alyson's Orchard?

Yes, four breathtaking sites ( Ann Marie’s Point of View | Ilze’s Point of View | Rachel’s Pond | Martha’s Point of View | Sarma’s Pond )are specifically groomed for ceremonies, but you can have your ceremony most anywhere on the property.

What happens if it rains?

Mother Nature will have her way – thus we must all be flexible. You have the option of renting a tent for the wedding site but we have learned that a tent is impractical in heavier rain. Experience recommends that the ceremony be moved into the Orchard Room.

How many guests can Alyson's Orchard accommodate?

The Orchard Room can comfortably seat up to 200+* for dinner. (* For parties greater than 175 guests, there is a $10 charge per person in addition to the original site fee.)

Can I use a caterer that is not on your list?

No. Our preferred caterers work as sub-contractors to Alyson’s Orchard so we request that you choose one of them.

Is there lodging available at Alyson's Orchard for my bridal party, family and out-of-town guests?

Yes, we have three different properties from which to choose, each one fully equipped and comfortably furnished. There is the Rochambeau Lodge for large groups (sleeps 18) and the Foster Farmhouse has two separate rentals – The East Wing (sleeps 8) and the West Wing (sleeps 10).

Is there additional lodging in the area?

Will someone from Alyson's Orchard be present for my event?

Yes, an Event Manager from Alyson’s will be available throughout the planning process and one will be on-site the day of the event.

I understand that the client rents the outdoor ceremony chairs. Where are they available in this area?

If you go to our website and click on Weddings & Events and then on Recommended Vendors, you will find a category called Rentals. Local suppliers of outdoor chairs, indoor chairs, specialty linens, tents and more are listed there. The closest, and most often used vendor for rentals in this area, is Elegant Settings in Keene: Elegant Settings LTD. Alyson’s crew will set up the outdoor chairs for you at the wedding site of your choice on your special day!

May we set off sky lanterns or fireworks at the end of our reception?

No Sky Lanterns are allowed (a sky lantern, also known as Chinese lantern, is a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended.) No fireworks are allowed unless produced by a professional company with insurance. On the other hand, a sparkler send-off is allowed with prior permission.

Is there a place close by for our Rehearsal Dinner?

Provided that you have rented at least Rochambeau Lodge for the weekend, you may host your indoor gathering of 25 (or fewer) guests in there. If you choose to have an outdoor event, you may invite up to 75 guests, but you should consider renting a tent for the weekend.   We can recommend some great, local BBQ or you can bring your own food to our lodging for your event.

Are candles allowed at my reception in the Event Center?

Yes!  Three to five votive candles per dinner table add a lot of magic to the Orchard Room!  Candles may only be used if the flame is enclosed in glass. The candle holder must be heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to fully contain the melted wax. Tapers and candelabras are not permitted.

How many people can be seated at your 60 inch round dinner tables?

For comfortable seating, 8 guests per table is the magic number.

Is there abundant parking available for a large wedding?

Absolutely! Special signage will direct your guests to the appropriate area to park.

During the apple picking season, can my guests pick their own apples?

If you would like that to be part of your special day, arrange in advance to purchase bags from us to distribute to your guests. (Late August – October only)

May we purchase our own beer, wine, and liquor for the reception?

No.  Except for use in the lodgings, alcoholic beverages are not to be brought onto Alyson’s property by the client or any guest. Anyone found with their own alcoholic beverages on the Orchard property will be asked to vacate the premises immediately, and not allowed to return.

I am on a tight budget. Is there an alternative to a Weekend Destination Wedding at Alyson's Orchard?

Consider one of the other wedding packages that Alyson’s offers. Click here to view our wedding packages.

Does Alyson's Orchard honor members of the military?

Yes, we offer a 5% discount to couples if one of them is in the active military or is a Disabled American Veteran. (Copy of military ID is required with the signed contract.)

Does Alyson's Orchard honor Gay Marriage?

Yes! Alyson’s Orchard welcomes and honors everyone wishing to be married at the Orchard.